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Saturday, July 12, 2008

I was so in high! Ha ha ha!! The koreans I usually bullied was on my back.. I talk to them I said "Yo men, Wazzup!".. Then I laugh, they were staring at me, ha ha!! Then I said 'mianhe, mianhe' which means 'sorry' in Hangul~ Ha ha ha! And my classmates told to me, that I was so high today!! and that I even have the guts to talked to them.. (:
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hmm, today!? we entered the Koreans' House.. Cause in our school theres houses of Koreans at the back of our school near the Cafe where I usually eat when Lunch.. Well, we entered there.. They said Junior High Students are not allowed to enter to that place.. But we entered.. All of Koreans there were looking at us.. (me and Jamaika) Of course we're the only Junior High there! He he he! I saw a Korean guy.. I said 'annyong' then he said 'annyong' too and wave! ahaha.. he's so friendly.. (:
Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello, well, it's our school commemoration day, which is always been celebrated every 7th July.. It's our school's 23rd commemoration day.. Pretty much boring, so we cut classes.. But in the end, we still ended up inside the school, but we didn't watched the program.. xD~ But when after lunch, we tried to sneak out.. But there are bunches of guys, that were guarding who was sneaking out of the school, We almost sneaked out, but the program is getting better! So we ended up watching it.. In the end we just stayed inside our room, I bought a lot of manga.. Like A.I. love you, Mon-Colle-Knights and Hyper Police!! So much happy ne~~ But pretty much boring! Aik. Aik!!
Wednesday, July 2, 2008

today!!? hmm, today was such a mixed up boring w/ some sorta sorta.. hmm, cause today my classmate brought a lighter~~ he told to me, it wasn't hot, so i let him to touched it to my skin, but it was really hot..!! ahaha..
Friday, June 27, 2008

Eh~!? I didn't post here for over a week!~ Today was such a boring mixed up with happiness! 'cause we didn't do a lot of things in school.. But I started again with the Koreans!~ Hmm, last 25th of June.. I got new classmate, actually he was my classmate ever since in High School.. Today we go to the Chemistry Laboratory, it should be in Biology Laboratory.. But our senpais using it.. We just used the microscope.. Hmm, anyways the new student that I was saying was my sit mate! Ha ha ha! He's nice to me anyways.. But he's kinda noisy! Lol!! And our Algebra class I got -2 in our Activity #5! OMG! Cause I let my new classmate and my other classmate (both guys, they were buddies!) to copy my Activity!.. Hu hu hu.. Poor me!! And Kurisuteru she became flirt ever since she was been influenced by Eri, Eri is a nice friend, but she's kinda flirt and always not serious in studying, but when we are 1st yr. junior high, when she was sticking to me.. She became pretty good in studying ( i influenced her, LOL!)~~..Well, I'll post more next time.. Cause I'm doing my project in English which is about Newscasting!..
Friday, June 20, 2008

But this day about school, not that cool! I'm just keep laughing because of Jasupa! Ha ha ha!! I'm a detective (wanna-be), you know~?!^^, Cause Jasupa is always looking at me, cause as I mentioned before in my previous posts that Miharu's sister is Jasupa's boyfriend.. Miharu always asking what Jasupa is doing inside our class, of course, Jasupa known that one of my bestest friend is Miharu, that's why he's always staring at me cause my another sit mate is flirting him, and my sit mate got a major crush on him.. and that girl don't know that Jasupa already have a girlfriend, and I think that Jasupa sensing that Miharu is asking me to investigate him! Lol!!.., poor Jasupa, cause he don't know that Miharu's sister has 3 boyfriends one at a time!!.. Well, it's kinda happy today! Cause we celebrated my birthday! You can see the sneak peek!, about what happen in my birthday there!! ;]~ But somehow a girl from our school (which my previous classmate's classmate, but even though they were just my previous classmate, we're all still friends).. Anyways, that girl, kinda jealous on me.. Ha ha ha!! My previous classmate that I mentioned before was Neo, Kentarou, and Robi.. That girl is Neo, Kentarou and Robi's classmate at the same time, friend, also! Well, when we are eating at the cafeteria, While that girl (let's just call her Ashiya) is buying a lunch.. The 3 (Neo, Kentarou && Robi) of them came near us.. And talk to us, I was eating a doughnut at that time.. My sister gave that to me (unfortunately, I gave it to someone).. When they came near us, they greet us! I offer them the doughnut! They said they don't like it! While, we are talking they don't know it's my birthday! So I told them that's my birthday today! Neo said "Hontou~!?" Then I let him saw my ID (cause our ID have our birth date, address and contact number there), Then Kentarou and Robi look at it, too! Hmm, they kinda shocked it was true.. Then Neo suddenly grabbed the doughnut and said get a candle!! Ha ha ha!! LOL! He want me to blow a candle~!?^^ Then, So they said I should treat them a lunch! I have no choice so I treat them! They choose what they want, then I did pay for it! But my one classmate (Ezura エズラ), told to me, I don't have to treat him a food, I'll just have to give him a money! So I gave him! Then, my other classmate came, so I have no choice but to treat them, also. . Then, that girl said "Birthday Girl (3x)" which some kind of bad expression! I didn't heard it, cause they were crowding around me.. Ezura and Anachi only told that to me. . They said she was jealous!! Ha ha ha!! Not jealous because I didn't treat her! I guess you already know what I mean ne~!? ^o^

Then the Lunch Break! We were buying a burger! When Neo came to us! He put his arm at my shoulder! At the same time at Miharu's also.. Miharu is kneeling down to remove his hand w/o touching it.. Then Neo asked why she don't want to put! (Well, for me, it was nothing putting his hand! We friends, you know!?).. Then Neo looked at Jamaika (ジャマイカ).. [Jamaika is drinking some sort of soft drinks..], Neo asked Jamaika, "Nani~!?, shite ho shiitte iu no ha watashi no te wo oku wo, mata desu ka~!? (してほしいっていうのは私の手を置くを、また〜 !?)" in English it means, If Jamaika wants Neo to put his hand to her.. Then Jamaika looked at Neo disgusted, then Neo said that he knows what Jamaika's thinking.. Neo said that Jamaika regretted for not accepting the offer! (with arrogant way of speaking! and arrogant smile!! ha ha ha!!) Ha ha ha!! Neo was so funny!! Can't resist it! He he he! He's so full of confidence!!

We also came to Ayumu's house!! She was shocked cause we suddenly came, she's not studying anymore at our school.. Cause in August she's going to migrate at America.. We have so much fun! We talked a lot of stuffs! And Anachi is so funny!! He talks so fast and very funny! Ha ha ha!! Unfortunately a birthday only happens once a year!! ;]

Oh! and another one! When we are going home.. I was walking ahead! I saw my elementary classmate.. Which in different school with me.. Let's just call him, Darrel! He became my enemy once.. But he said sorry!!.. Cause we didn't talked a long time after that.. And he misses me! Lol!.. I didn't notice him, that he was looking and smiling at me.. Then my sister told, that my classmate~~ Then I was shocked it was him, then he smiled! And I smiled also!^^ He he he!^^
Oh and also~ I saw Emmanuel again! He smiled at me today!.. ;) Are we already friends? He he he!! He calls me 'LALA' lol!^^
And also I saw Chua (chinese) and Durward (Neo's brother, it was really English name), as usual Chua still looking at me.. Since yesterday! Even Durward!! Lol!!

Oh ne~ I didn't post about what happen in our school yesterday! I was wrong Ruben wasn't yet transferred he's still in our class but he seldom enter the school.. Well, Ruben, Eri and Me! Was been standing in our whole biology class! (OMG, yesterday we have double period in Biology! It means two hours biology class!, awful!) We were been standing up cause we didn't passes our gokusen's assignment to us! Eh~!? He he he! Then our biology teacher (that we are calling Angel-sensei) asking if Ruben regretted for transferring to our school! Then angel-sensei said that Ruben thinking was he was regretted and he hopes he never attended this school.. Then we were just laughing, I don't know what's up with that guy.. He don't laugh even our teachers are joking around!.. Well, that's all for what happened yesterday!
Oh! there's a guy in our school.. Onee-chan's Brother! Let's just call him "Emmanuel" I <3 that name! Well, Emmanuel was Onee-chan's brother! Beside our room, was Emmanuel's class where he was attending.. Well, while I was passing at their hallway! He suddenly blocked the way! When I was walking on the left side, he'll block it, then the other way! But it's just a joke, he's smiling.. But I was smiling but inside I'm laughing! Ha ha ha!!~~ Cause he's making fun! It was happened around 10:00 before our Nihonggo Class... Then later on! When we don't have teacher.. (you know, when don't have teachers students becoming wild and noisy! Ha ha ha!!) Then I was standing at the door.. The Emmanuel has a spray! He's in my front! While I'm at his back.. He looks peeing! Cause of the spray, I guess you know what it looks like ne~? When a guy is peeing! Then when he turned around he was shocked I was at his back! Then he looks ashamed! Ha ha ha! It likes "GOT'CHA!" then he just smiled!!.. So cute!! Ha ha ha!! Lol!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Eh~!? So awful, my classmate was been transferred into other section! Ouch! Totally awful! And I'm think Ruben (my biology sit mate) is also been transferred since he didn't enter the class today! But today as usual my `physical education` teacher is so much boring! I think he don't discuss lesson but he sangs lullaby! He he he!! But our biology teacher is so funny, actually we call him Angel! He he he!! Angel-sensei!!! Ha ha ha! He's so nice to us.. I still didn't pass my project to him, OMG!! Scared! ! ! . . . In our history subject, i don't understand a thing on it! Because the students in front of me, is taller than I~, I can't see the front~!!! And I can't copy the lecture very well.. I hope I'll have a great day tomorrow!! Please! Please! Please! Hmm, Jasupa~ as I mention in my previous blog. That Jasupa is my Miharu's (my best friend) sister's boy friend.. He's always staring at me, Cause I think he knows that Miharu is asking what Jasupa is doing inside the class~ If he's smart, kind, quiet, etc. . . Cause Jasupa knows that Miharu hates her! He he he! Actually Miharu came to our room, then when Miharu (in front of Jasupa) is been in Jasupa's place where he was standing, Jasupa suddenly avoided her! I think he's scared (?) Ha ha ha!! Well, my previous classmate which I called Mik-Mik (not a Japanese name) saw me.. I thought he already forget me!! Ha ha ha!! But he suddenly asked for 500Y, Well I don't have enough money today.. So I told him tomorrow, but he said it'll be double so it'll be 1000Y!! OMG! ha ha ha!! The people I thought already ignoring us, suddenly talked and greet us~ (it was since yesterday) It was Neo and Kentarou.. and Robi! Well, Neo as usual always asking for money, all coins left in my pocket was 200Y.. then Robi saw I gave, then Robi said.. that he wants, too!! Then, Kentarou talked to me when going home.. He greet me suddenly! OMG~ actually he don't greet he just talked all of a sudden! and Ruimondo smiled at me~ when going home also! OMG! He really got a cute smile!!

Well this is a funny one, when the 1-G room~ (1-G section was been also dissolved, that's why there's not people in 1-G's room), our classmates said that there was a disgusting thing there! While my classmate wanted to see it also! So she invited me! When we entered one of our classmates is putting on his clothes! OMG! ha ha ha!!

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